Partnership Announcement: The Posemesh Foundation x Mindful Ocean Metaverse

March 21, 2024

We are proud to announce a partnership with Mindful Ocean Metaverse, a community NFT art project with a mission to save our oceans.

Today, 90% of marine species are at risk of extinction, while only 0.5% of the world population interacts with marine life in person. The vast majority of the rest just don’t care. Backed by industry titan Yat Siu, Mindful Ocean was founded on the belief that we can cultivate more empathy towards marine life through art.

Using our Posemesh SDK, they have developed an AR metaverse app that brings the beauty and fragility of our oceans to life in a way that’s accessible to the masses, wherever they are. Through this immersive experience, users can create, interact with, and learn about marine life and ecosystems, all while contributing to real-world conservation efforts.

Marine conservation is a cause that many of us at Auki Labs and The Posemesh Foundation are also passionate about, so we couldn’t be more thrilled to see our tech being used for this mission.

Join us in making waves

We invite you to dive into the Mindful Ocean Metaverse by participating in their open beta and art contest, which begins tomorrow, March 22nd, World Water Day.

This very first open beta event celebrates the diversity of butterflyfish. Here’s the gist of it:

  1. Download the Mindful Ocean Metaverse iOS app (you will also need TestFlight in order to install the beta app since it’s not live in the official App Store yet)
  2. Design and submit your unique butterflyfish in their app
  3. Interact with your butterflyfish in AR using hand gestures (this is not part of the contest, but it’s the posemesh-powered part of the app, so we hope you try it out!)
  4. Create a mint pass (on Polygon) at with your submitted artwork
  5. Winners will be chosen by their AI algorithm, which determines the rarity and uniqueness of each piece of artwork. So be creative!
  6. Four winners will receive prizes in the form of Amazon gift cards.

For more details, please see the event page, follow @MindfulOceanNFT, and join their Discord server.

About Mindful Ocean Metaverse

Mindful Ocean Metaverse is a community art project with a mission to save our ocean. They use blockchain, AI, and AR technology to empower anyone to take part in ocean conservation by making art. Their NFT art creation events nurture mindfulness and promote creativity, enabling anyone to easily create NFT artworks that simulate marine life in a co-created virtual space - the Mindful Ocean Metaverse. Their goals include encouraging more people to make art, exploring the use of Web3 for social changes, and supporting conservationists by cultivating empathy.

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About Auki Labs

Auki Labs creates posemesh domains: virtual real estate for shared augmented reality, allowing you to manifest your knowledge and imagination in the minds of others.

Spatial computing enables the anchoring of digital information in space, bringing the power of the internet to the physical world. The spatial internet is a tectonic shift in how we interact with computers and each other. It will be as transformative as the transition from PC to mobile.

Our unique solutions are powered by the posemesh, a decentralized and privacy-preserving protocol for collaborative spatial computing.

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About The Posemesh Foundation

The Posemesh Foundation's mission is to enable shared augmented reality: the next big leap in human communication, and to give AI and robotics machine proprioception.

Our mandate is to establish a universal spatial computing protocol and associated utility token for the next 100 billion people, devices and AI on Earth and beyond.

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