The Posemesh - Infrastructure for Collaborative Spatial Computing in a Privacy-Preserving Way

December 7, 2023

What is the posemesh?

The posemesh is a project to establish a universal spatial computing protocol for the next 100 billion people, devices, and AI. Spatial computing is the ability of digital devices to sense, understand, and interact with the physical world.

Unlike traditional positioning services that rely on creating and maintaining a giant centralized copy of the world through a digital twin, the posemesh is a protocol for moving between smaller maps of private domains.

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How does the posemesh work?

The posemesh allows users and devices to privately exchange spatial data with the domain they are visiting or with peers in their area.

Instead of sharing your camera feed with a centralized entity, as is the case with centralized VPS systems, you can use the posemesh to securely and anonymously communicate spatial information with others in the network.

Why is the posemesh important?

We believe that the posemesh is a foundational part of the future of the internet and even language itself. The posemesh enables new forms of communication and spatial computing in a privacy-preserving way that is impossible with web infrastructure as we know it today.

The posemesh also empowers developers to control their own spatial data and to benefit from the value that they create. The posemesh will allow participants to monetize spatial data  - minted domains will be eligible to earn rewards for providing service to applications - and access premium services.

Additionally, participation in the network in the network is permissionless; creators can already build applications utilizing the posemesh with the ConjureKit SDK.

What is the status of the posemesh?

The posemesh is live.

There are already hundreds of participating nodes in the network today, and it’s growing. New applications for the future of commerce, entertainment, and logistics are already being built on the posemesh, building momentum with the inevitable transition to spatial computing.

Source: Spatial Computing Market Growth

How can I learn more about the posemesh?

If you want to learn more about the posemesh, explore our website at There, you can find more information about the protocol, the team, the roadmap, and partners. You can also join our community and get involved in developing the posemesh.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Auki Labs

Auki Labs is at the forefront of spatial computing, pioneering the convergence of the digital and physical to give people and their devices a shared understanding of space for seamless collaboration.

With a focus on user-centric design and privacy, Auki Labs empowers industries and individuals to embrace the transformative potential of spatial computing, enhancing productivity, engagement, and human connection.

Auki Labs is building the posemesh, a decentralized spatial computing protocol for AR, the metaverse, and smart cities.

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About The Posemesh Foundation

The posemesh is an open-source protocol that powers a decentralized, blockchain-based spatial computing network.

The posemesh is designed for a future where spatial computing is both collaborative and privacy-preserving. It limits the surveillance capabilities of any organization and encourages sovereign ownership of private maps of space.

The decentralization also offers a competitive advantage, especially in shared AR sessions where low latency is crucial. The posemesh is the next step in the decentralization movement, responding to the growing power of big tech.

The Posemesh Foundation has tasked Auki Labs with developing the software infrastructure of the posemesh.

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