The Future of AUKI: In-Depth Discussions with Auki Labs CEO, Nils Pihl, and the Launch of the Posemesh

November 2, 2023
Nodes in the posemesh.

As we approach the much-anticipated Auki token launch in January 2024, The Posemesh Foundation remains committed to transparency, community engagement, and unwavering alignment with our core vision.

Over the past few years, Nils Pihl, the CEO of Auki Labs, has been passionately shedding light on the multifaceted Auki Labs journey, shared AR, and the posemesh. Through in-depth interviews, he has unveiled the essence, aspirations, and mechanics behind what Auki Labs is building and the importance of the posemesh project to enable privacy-preserving decentralized AR technology.

Whether you're an avid follower or new to our mission, this roundup is a consolidated hub of Nils Pihl's nuanced discussions about spatial computing and groundbreaking work in AR. Read on and watch the videos to thoroughly understand The Posemesh Foundation’s core philosophy, the technological challenges we aim to overcome, and the bright future we envision for advancing human communication.

Off-Chain Podcast: Auki Labs, Human Behaviour, AR, AI, Spatial Computing

Explore advancements in the posemesh, blockchain, and Web3 in this Off-Chain Podcast episode featuring Nils Pihl.

Understand how the posemesh is redefining our connection to digital realms and why it's at the forefront of privacy-preserving AR technology.

The episode also covers the synergy between AR, blockchain, and Web3, emphasizing a future where digital interactions are not only immersive but also secure.

For anyone eager to grasp the next wave of digital evolution, this conversation is a must-watch.

CyberNews: Augmented Reality - Next Big Leap in Human Communication

Explore a discussion on the evolution of communication, from the promises of augmented reality to the potential of neural interfaces.

In this interview, Nils provides insight into the metaverse's past and its uncertain future, questioning whether traditional skills like reading might one day become obsolete.

Check out the full interview to gain insight into the impending AR technological revolution and better understand why Auki Labs is building the posemesh and what it means for the future of human communication.

0xAlpha: The Future of Block Chain and AR with Nils Pihl

Check out this captivating talk on Auki Labs' journey from Warhammer battles to pioneering the posemesh – a story where a tabletop game ignites a revolution in tech.

In this episode of Futurefi, Nils goes into detail about the genesis of Auki Labs, recounting the hurdles faced while developing a shared AR app for Warhammer. But with adversity came innovation. Nils and his team triumphed over these challenges, giving birth to the disruptive universal positioning protocol: the posemesh.

This breakthrough established Auki Labs and set the stage for advancing the future open metaverse tech stack.  Don’t overlook this conversation to uncover Auki Labs' origin story, a journey that began with Warhammer and culminated in the creation of the posemesh.

Block Party: Why Augmented Reality will Dominate the Metaverse - Interview with CEO & Founder Nils Pihl of Auki Labs

In this Block Party episode, Nils explains how augmented reality (AR) is set to redefine the metaverse.  

A particular highlight of the episode is Auki’s approach of leveraging NFTs as AR calibration portals, reimagining them as digital anchors in spatial computing, underscoring the posemesh's utility for the future of shared AR.

If you want to understand why AR will be central to the metaverse, you won’t want to miss this Block Party conversation with Nils.

Auki Labs at the New York Augmented Reality Meetup

“What shared augmented reality allows us to do is to communicate at a much higher bandwidth.” - Nils Pihl

Contrary to the industry's focus on perfecting AR visuals, in this video, Nils advocates for the importance of AR's spatial communication capabilities. Highlighting how shared AR can revolutionize human interactions, he emphasizes its role in bridging understanding by allowing people to convey their knowledge and imagination directly to others.

The future of AR, Nils believes, lies not just in what we can see but in how we can share those visions with those around us. Watch now to learn more.

Outlier Ventures: Experience the Next Level of AR - Get Ready to Be Blown Away!

“A posemesh is something that we should really hope gets built and succeeds because, otherwise, it seems like the only alternative is Mark Zuckerberg knowing what we are looking at - at all times.” - Nils Pihl

In this episode, hosted by Jamie Burke, Nils covers the shortcomings of the current GPS system, emphasizing its limitations in enabling a truly immersive and shared AR experience.

For AR to become mainstream, precise positioning is crucial. However, the current centralized approach poses significant privacy risks for users.

Drawing upon his rich background in behavioral engineering and his passion for meme theory, Nils highlights the pivotal role of shared experiences in the future of AR, emphasizing that the metaverse requires a superior positioning system, which Auki Labs aims to deliver with the launch of the posemesh.

This episode presents a compelling conversation for anyone invested in the evolution of the Open Metaverse and the broader Web3 ecosystem.

BCA Investments: Aukiverse AMA with CEO Nils [Aukiverse Explained & Review]

Nils unpacks the nuances of instant calibration in augmented reality in this detailed AMA session with BCA Investments.

Discover how Auki Labs has pioneered a method for achieving pinpoint precision in positioning—an indispensable element for propelling spatial computing into the mainstream.

Watch this video to discover how Auki has not only surpassed tech giants like Apple, Google, and Microsoft but also possesses unique features that they currently lack.

XR Today: Auki Labs SDK ConjureKit

Live from AWE in Portugal, David Dungate of XR Today engages Nils in an insightful discussion.

They explore the launch of the pathbreaking ConjureKit – an SDK designed to redefine shared AR experiences.

Nils illustrates how this technology could revolutionize industries, from defense to education, by enabling co-located AR interactions.

The conversation also touches on the future of augmented reality, underscoring its vital role in human communication and collaboration.

If you're keen to grasp why the true essence of AR isn't merely about "better graphics or cooler Pokemon," this is a must-watch!

Auki Labs: Introducing the ConjureKit

In this video, Nils showcases the capabilities of Auki Labs ConjureKit - the social augmented reality SDK - which can be used to create shared AR experiences effortlessly.

Filmed in a secluded village yet to be charted by modern mapping, Nils demonstrates Floorcraft by Matterless.

Leveraging an 'instant calibration' feature using QR codes, the ConjureKit simplifies creating a shared AR experience - tune in to discover how it’s now possible to manifest your imagination in reality with the ConjureKit SDK.

Technology with Dr V: Spatial Computing & the Real Future of the Metaverse - Nils Pihl

“The Metaverse needs to be a state of mind. It needs to be something that the end user is doing mentally. If we say that we are living on the internet, that’s a state of mind... The unfortunate thing about our physical body is it doesn't exist in the virtual world.” - Nils Pihl

As the boundaries between physical and digital realities continue to blur, the metaverse stands poised to reshape not only our modes of interaction but also our understanding of existence and consciousness.

As we stand on the brink of this new era, it's crucial to consider both the opportunities and challenges this digital frontier presents, ensuring a harmonious coexistence of humanity and technology.

Tune into this discussion between Dr. V and Nils to discover crucial insights into the cutting-edge developments shaping the metaverse

AWE EU 2022 Day 1 XR Enablement Track: Shared AR - Language, AR, and the Shamanic Impulse

“Once we start teaching people to teach other people, civilization starts springing up, and information starts accumulating.” - Nils Pihl

In this captivating talk, Nils asks the profound question: "What does it mean for something to be 'real'?"

Nils intriguingly posits that language itself is a form of augmented reality technology, connecting it to the human shamanic impulse through his study of memetics. In this talk, he offers unique insights into how these concepts highlight the evolution and potential of AR as a communication medium and that shared AR may be the last step before we achieve direct neural interfaces.

Taking us on a journey through history, Nils illuminates the intersections of language, AR, and shamanic traditions, all viewed through the lens of memetics and behavioral psychology. By the end of this talk, your understanding of "augmenting reality" in the context of human interaction will be forever transformed.

If you've ever pondered the essence of "reality" or the trajectory of technological communication, this video is a must-watch. Watch now and allow Nils to expand your perspective on the world and the very nature of human consciousness and human civilization.

XR Today: Approaching User Privacy and Safety

In a compelling interview with XR Today, Nils discusses the company's groundbreaking technology in augmented reality (AR).

Nils raises pressing concerns about the current direction of AR, where companies might soon know everything users see.

Auki Labs actively opposes this data-driven trajectory, emphasizing privacy and hoping to redefine AR's future.

Watch to discover how Auki Labs is at the forefront of integrating innovation with a steadfast commitment to user privacy and safety in the digital world.

Auki Labs AMA with Neo Tokyo Community

If you've been keenly awaiting the Auki token launch or are simply curious about the strides being made in the AR space, this video will offer a glimpse into the innovation and inspiration driving Auki Labs.

Witness the nuances that set the posemesh apart and understand how its applications differ from tech behemoths like Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Discussions on NFTs, QR code-based calibration, and real-time precision movements further underscore the significance and transformative potential of Auki Labs' contributions to the mainstream adoption of AR, spatial computing, and the metaverse.

Let Nils guide you through a journey of imagination, technological marvel, and unwavering dedication to a brighter, interconnected digital realm. Immerse yourself in this AMA and come away with a deeper appreciation of the Posemesh Foundation's ethos and vision.

Spatial Computing Horizons: Impact of Augmented Reality - Interview with Alastair Reynolds

Step into a world where technology and narrative intersect in this captivating discussion hosted by The Cyberdelic Podcast. Join Nils as he engages with the brilliant science fiction author and scientist Alastair Reynolds in a conversation that spans the vast landscape of augmented reality.

From Alastair's visionary narratives to the impending impact of the Vision Pro revolution, this dialogue offers a deep exploration of AR's many-sided nature. While concerns about AR’s potential to skew our perception of reality are voiced, the duo also illuminates its promise to revolutionize genuine communication.

Venture beyond traditional boundaries as Nils and Alastair discuss the universe's relative positioning mysteries and the marvels of computational astronomy. This exchange underscores technology's dual-edged sword, emphasizing the imperative of wielding its capabilities with discernment.

Auki Labs: The Impact of Persistent AR

In 2009, augmented reality (AR) burst onto the scene, capturing nearly as much fascination as social media.

Yet, as social media's star rose meteorically, AR's early buzz dimmed. In this presentation, Nils points to the solitary nature of AR experiences, confined to single devices, as a significant stumbling block—lacking the shared communal essence that propelled social media.

This shortfall stems from a technical bottleneck: devices struggle to pinpoint their precise location in three-dimensional space, with technologies such as GPS falling short in delivering the needed accuracy for a cohesive AR experience.

Beyond the limitations of GPS, the challenge of accurate point cloud comparisons also undermines the precision and immersive potential of AR. Nils proposes, taking a cue from Meme Theory, that AR's mainstream success hinges on its ability to offer shareable, exact, and enduring experiences.

Nils predicts that the shift from handheld devices to wearable AR technology will be crucial for its evolution, especially in fields such as advertising, where engagement and interactivity are key.

View the entire presentation to fully appreciate the potential of AR and unveil the exciting prospects of augmented reality that lie ahead.


The landscape of augmented reality is rapidly shifting, with innovations like the ConjureKit and the posemesh poised to alter the very fabric of our interactive experiences.

Under the leadership of CEO Nils Pihl, the Auki Labs team is driving innovation forward. Their work makes it evident that the future extends beyond mere visual enhancement — it's about fundamentally transforming the ways we connect, cooperate, and understand our environment.

These interviews stand as a powerful affirmation of the limitless potential of AR and herald a future that's more interlinked and abundant with information.

Stay connected with us for ongoing updates as we capture the exhilarating progression of AR, highlighting the integral role that Auki Labs and The Posemesh Foundation are set to play in shaping its trajectory.

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