The Posemesh Foundation: Meet Us in Dubai During Token2049

April 8, 2024

DUBAI, 8th April 2024 – The posemesh, the pioneering spatial computing protocol for the next era of digital interaction, is thrilled to announce the team will be in Dubai during Token2049 Dubai and ETHDubai.

With over 10,000 industry attendees expected and over 90% flying in from overseas, TOKEN2049 Week will feature over 300 side events taking place throughout the city, from hacker houses and networking events to Crypto Fight Night and Karate Combat. The week will be capped off with their closing party - AFTER 2049, set against the backdrop of the stunning Dubai Marina skyline.

The posemesh is at the forefront, crafting a decentralized and privacy-preserving infrastructure (the DePIN for AI perception) that will empower the next 100 billion people, devices, and AI. Dubai sets the stage for the posemesh to introduce its groundbreaking technology to developers, innovators, and investors.

Revolutionizing Spatial Computing

The posemesh is the building blocks for Spatial AI, where augmented reality, machine and AI perception are integral to everyday life. By leveraging blockchain technology, the posemesh incentivizes participation and ensures the integrity of a network that is maintained by the people, for the people, not by corporations or governments.

Thought leaders, innovators and investors will get an exclusive opportunity to meet the posemesh team and learn how the posemesh enables precise positioning, collaborative spatial computing, and the seamless integration of virtual and physical worlds without compromising privacy.

Token2049 Dubai attendees are invited to meet with the posemesh team to explore the applications transforming commerce, entertainment, and logistics. From retail operations to the posemesh SDK, we are setting the stage for a world where displays are obsolete and shared AR is the norm.

"We're not just building a protocol; we're building the foundation for the future of human-AI interaction," said Santeri Aramo, Co-founder and COO of The Posemesh Foundation. "Token2049 is the ideal platform to connect with those who share our vision for a decentralized, collaborative future."

Discover how you can participate in the spatial computing revolution and contribute to a world where technology enhances human potential without infringing on our cognitive freedom.

This is the decade. This is the arena. You are here.

For more information about the posemesh or to schedule a meeting with us during the week of Token2049, please reach out to Santeri Aramo on telegram: @santtu86.

About Auki Labs

Auki Labs creates posemesh domains: virtual real estate for shared augmented reality, allowing you to manifest your knowledge and imagination in the minds of others.

Spatial computing enables the anchoring of digital information in space, bringing the power of the internet to the physical world. The spatial internet is a tectonic shift in how we interact with computers and each other. It will be as transformative as the transition from PC to mobile.

Our unique solutions are powered by the posemesh, a decentralized and privacy-preserving protocol for collaborative spatial computing.

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About The Posemesh Foundation

The Posemesh Foundation's mission is to enable shared augmented reality: the next big leap in human communication, and to give AI and robotics machine proprioception.

Our mandate is to establish a universal spatial computing protocol and associated utility token for the next 100 billion people, devices and AI on Earth and beyond.

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