Partnership Announcement: The Posemesh x CharacterX

July 4, 2024

CharacterX and The Posemesh signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore integrating The Posemesh’s machine perception network with CharacterX’s synthetic social network. This collaboration aims to bring AI beings into augmented reality, enhancing user interactions.

CharacterX is a decentralized synthetic social network initiated by a team from Stanford, integrating AGI technology with blockchain to revolutionize social networking. Recently, the team introduced CharacterX's mobile apps for Android and iOS, along with a developer website, enabling users to create and form deep emotional connections with AI beings. The platform has attracted more than 5 million registered users, who spend an average of 52 minutes daily, highlighting its swift rise in popularity.

A Leap Forward in AI and Augmented Reality

The partnership between Posemesh and CharacterX is poised to make significant strides in the AI and AR landscapes. Our joint efforts will focus on enhancing user experiences through multi-sensory interactions in augmented reality. By leveraging The Posemesh's cutting-edge technology and CharacterX's social AI, we aim to set new standards and drive innovation in this rapidly evolving field.

Key Objectives of the Partnership

Integration of Posemesh Technology

CharacterX will explore incorporating The Posemesh's decentralized machine perception network to bring AI beings into augmented reality. This integration promises to elevate user experiences, offering enriched and immersive interactions.

Advancing AI Capabilities

By combining CharacterX’s social AI and The Posemesh’s spatial data, the partnership will drive significant advancements in AI research and applications, particularly in augmented reality.

Looking Ahead

We are excited about the future and the immense possibilities this partnership holds. As we move forward, The Posemesh and CharacterX are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in AI and augmented reality.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey together.

About CharacterX

The mission of CharacterX is to establish an infrastructure that transforms Web2 AI characters into Web3 AI assets, allowing anyone to engage with AI characters while trading AI asset keys of their choice.  

The product is revolutionizing the Web3 space by combining blockchain technology, AI-powered social networking, and asset trading. It provides a social platform where users can create their own AI identities and connect with others (both AIs and humans) without the limitations of time and space.

In the near future, CharacterX will enable users to transform their AI characters into AI assets and offer a platform for trading those assets.  To enhance the social experience, CharacterX is developing advanced multi-modal AI architecture that handles multi-sensory data, including 3D and AR experiences, alongside a next-gen computational platform.  

To foster deeper social bonds, CharacterX is also developing proactive AI agents specifically designed for social interactions. By utilizing Solana Token Extensions for decentralized AI memories and consciousness management, the products provide users with a personalized and authentic social experience while ensuring security and privacy.

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About Auki Labs

Auki Labs is at the forefront of spatial computing, pioneering the convergence of the digital and physical to give people and their devices a shared understanding of space for seamless collaboration.

The positioning technology developed by Auki Labs empowers industries and individuals to embrace spatial computing's transformative potential, enhancing productivity, engagement, and human connection‍.‍

The Auki Labs team is developing the posemesh, a decentralized spatial computing protocol for AR, the metaverse, and smart cities.

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About The Posemesh Foundation

The posemesh is an open-source protocol that powers a decentralized, blockchain-based spatial computing network.

The posemesh is designed for a future where spatial computing is both collaborative and privacy-preserving. It limits any organization's surveillance capabilities and encourages sovereign ownership of private maps of personal and public spaces.

The decentralization also offers a competitive advantage, especially in shared spatial computing sessions, AR for example, where low latency is crucial. The posemesh is the next step in the decentralization movement, responding as an antidote to the growing power of big tech.

The Posemesh Foundation has tasked Auki Labs with developing the software infrastructure of the posemesh.

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