Announcement: Auki Token Listing Update

January 26, 2024

Dear Backers and Community,

Momentum is building. I want to share some important news about our project and how we are going to market to further our mission of providing a decentralized spatial computing platform.


The intersection of spatial computing, DePIN, and AI has created this amazing and exciting space with opportunities to really change our collective future. We’re grateful for the dedicated support of our backers and excited to be sharing this journey with you.

There’s a lot I want to share with you, but I know people want to hear about the token launch, so let me cut straight to the chase:

We are delaying token listing, but…

We’re deploying a trial token on the actual Avalanche C-Chain next Friday, where our community node operators can start testing the network and increase their cryptographically secured rewards for participating in the posemesh - the collaborative spatial computing protocol.

The listing is being delayed at the request of some of our earliest backers, who believe we’ll better further our community-building mission by making sure it’s available to a wider audience across more exchanges. We’ll make another announcement about an upcoming listing date soon and the exchanges we are deploying to.

For node operators, you’ll be able to stake a trial token beginning next Friday (2 February 2024) to increase your rewards further. Your rewards will be claimable when the token listing is live. Backers will start their daily linear vesting on the day of listing.

We will improve our marketing.

We want to build. This is still a young community, and many of you have been here long enough to know that about us. We don’t always do a good job of presenting ourselves to the decentralization community, and we’re working on that, but it comes from a place of wanting to roll up our sleeves and build. We are builders, first and foremost, but we recognize community building is a necessary component of our mission.

Several of you have made great recommendations and introductions to marketers, community builders, and collaborators. We’re following up on these leads and expanding our marketing and PR efforts.

We’re hiring more external help, expanding the already powerful Web2 reach that our existing PR agent has delivered for us with new Web3 initiatives. Expect to see more from us. I hope you’ve already checked my latest appearance on Raoul Pal’s Real Vision:

You’ll also see us be more active on social media, and producing more video content. We will try to give weekly video updates from behind the scenes and showcase the latest developments every two weeks. We’ve been working with an amazingly talented videographer in Hong Kong who is joining us on a regular schedule now.

New opportunities to participate and be rewarded.

We will very soon be releasing our Posemesh DePIN Diagnostics (PDP) app that will allow community members to help stress test and map the latency of the internet! Our community has spun up over 300 servers across the world’s most popular cloud providers - and we’re going to perform a comprehensive map of internet latency.

The PDP will allow you to ping every participating Hagall server once per day, and earn a reward for the compute provided. If you find servers under a certain ping threshold, you’ll be allowed to conduct a stress test on that server for further awards. We will share the tokenomics of the PDP soon.

As a next step, Hagall servers will start stress testing each other - decentralizing the posemesh further and creating more opportunities for Hagall providers to earn rewards for balancing the protocol’s DePIN.

We are also launching entirely new node types beyond Hagall and new ways of participating in the posemesh before summer. This space is about to heat up a lot.

We have been working behind the scenes on a revised posemesh whitepaper based on everything we’ve learned in the last few years from millions of dollars of research into the most exciting technological revolution of this century. We expect to release the new whitepaper by Chinese New Year - we can’t wait to share it with you.

The posemesh is revolutionary.

Together, we’ll build a DePIN network that turns the spatial computing and AI world on its head, proving once and for all that Satoshi’s legacy was the enablement of new forms of social organization and massive public infrastructure works developed, funded, and maintained by the people. This is how we win.

Nils Pihl | CEO, Auki Labs

About Auki Labs

Auki Labs is at the forefront of spatial computing, pioneering the convergence of the digital and physical to give people and their devices a shared understanding of space for seamless collaboration.

With a focus on user-centric design and privacy, Auki Labs empowers industries and individuals to embrace the transformative potential of spatial computing, enhancing productivity, engagement, and human connection.

Auki Labs is building the posemesh, a decentralized spatial computing protocol for AR, the metaverse, and smart cities.

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About The Posemesh Foundation

The posemesh is an open-source protocol that powers a decentralized, blockchain-based spatial computing network.

The posemesh is designed for a future where spatial computing is both collaborative and privacy-preserving. It limits the surveillance capabilities of any organization and encourages sovereign ownership of private space maps.

The decentralization also offers a competitive advantage, especially in shared AR sessions where low latency is crucial. The posemesh is the next step in the decentralization movement, responding to the growing power of big tech.

The Posemesh Foundation has tasked Auki Labs with developing the software infrastructure of the posemesh.

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